5 Things Spock Would Say About Going Solar

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Spock talks solar power

Though solar paneling may look super futuristic, this form of sustainable energy continues to power more and more homes across the country. The sun currently powers over 12 million homes but holds the capacity to deliver energy to every home around the world!

Just because we can rely on the sun for energy, should we consider going solar? Let’s see what the famous Mr. Spock would say about it!

Mr. Spock’s 5 Expert Observations on Going Solar

Why should we switch to solar energy? Read on for explanations that the future’s favorite science officer might give!

1. Solar Energy Explained for Humans

Solar energy refers to power generated by the sun’s photovoltaic and solar thermal properties. Humans may better understand this as the light and heat produced by the sun powering their homes.

In order to harness the power of the sun, we need to use solar panels. These devices soak up the rays from the sun.

The cells within the panels generate an electric current with their silicone semiconductor. This occurs when electrons break lose inside of the cell.

We cannot use the direct current (DC) created. So, an inverter changes it into alternating current (AC) that can power our appliances.

All of this energy drains into the grid that powers your home. When a surplus is created, which often occurs on sunny days, your energy company will typically credit you for the extra power!

2. ‘It Would Appear’ That the Sun Makes for an Obvious Choice

93,000,000 miles of sun emits 384.6 yotta watts of energy. It literally provides power for every single living organism on this planet to live and function, so why not also apply it to power your man-made, inorganic structures?

NASA scientists suggest that your Earth’s sun will burn for another 5 billion years! Meaning, this sustainable energy source will not burn out any time soon.

You can count on the sun to rise every day, all over the world, making it an obvious power choice. When the sun goes down, you can still count on energy reserves held in the solar energy system.

3. Anything Else Would Be ‘Illogical’

Choosing another source of energy is completely illogical. Yet, because we already possess the infrastructure for gas and electricity, many people continue to use that.

Why should everybody switch?

For starters, non-renewable energy sources will run out. As we continue to use them up, the prices we pay rise.

It may appear that solar paneling costs more. However, in the long run, people save money with this sustainable option.

Fossil fuels also create problems such as water pollution and land desegregation. Landscapes and ecosystems seriously suffer from drilling and unearthing.

Solar power also provides us a clean source of power. Currently, most electricity in the United States comes from coal plants.

This keeps carbon emissions high, which increases the rate of climate change and poses many risks for the future and possibly even current generations. Coal plants and other forms of dirty energy also pollute our air with mercury, arsenic, nitric oxides, and methane, which also pose health risks to humans.

Other forms of sustainable energy do exist. Right on Earth, we can also harness hydro-power, geothermal power, and wind energy.

So, why choose solar over the other options?

You might actually decide to utilize one or more of these other energy sources with solar power. But, depending on where you live, these alternative sources may not make sense, especially not on their own. Windmills need open space, hydropower requires a forceful source of water, and geothermal energy does not work well in elevated areas.

Plus, two of those energy types depend on the wind blowing and water flowing hard. While the sun rises every day, the wind or water may not move fast enough to produce sufficient energy for days.

The infrastructure that you need for wind, water, and geothermal energy also costs a lot of money in comparison to solar paneling. While solar panels look sleek, many people consider windmills an eyesore.

4. Solar Energy Can Help Us ‘Live Long and Prosper’

Earlier we mention the potential health risks of dirty energy. Smog hazards include irritation, asthma, cancer, and heart problems.

Science suggests that such damage to your health can occur even when you seemingly feel fine. These health issues will not help you live long and prosper.

Fortunately, people switching to solar power will reduce the risk of suffering from them! Keeping humans healthy and taking care of the Earth with solar energy will allow humans to focus their resources on new technologies, like eventually achieving Star Trek energy!

5. Solar Energy Moves You Towards the Future at Warp Speed

Solar power does not only offer one use. It opens up numerous possibilities for the future!

Right now, people use solar paneling to power their homes. Eventually, they may be able to move to more practical applications like solar windows and solar paint, once scientists perfect those technologies.

As we approach, or maybe even pass peak oil, it becomes more and more important to consider alternative energy sources for fueling cars. Earthlings may eventually see solar-powered cars lining the highways, making for a more sustainable ride home!

If larger forms of transportation moved to solar energy, what would that mean for vacationing? It may lower costs, making world travel an option for more than the super-wealthy.

Think about what this may mean for human space travel! If the stars in the sky could power space crafts like satellites, drones, and ships, like the USS Enterprise.

Obviously, your people eventually achieve this, or else Captain Kirk would not be here to ask me to explain this to Earthlings in the past. Choosing solar power could be your way here, though I do not wish to speculate too much.

Time To Go Solar

Stop living in the past with outdated sources of unsustainable energy. Going solar will move you into the future with a renewable, clean, and always available energy source. that will not hurt your people or your planet.

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