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Christopher FinfrockChristopher Finfrock
22:23 21 Apr 23
- I received three quotes for solar and SunState came in the most affordable by several thousand dollars.- The customer service was excellent. This was true both before install and after (my inverter needed a firmware update, which SunState implemented within several hours of me reaching out).- I am highly impressed by SunState and I would recommend them to anyone looking for solar.
Gary BontlyGary Bontly
16:07 19 Nov 22
I'm very happy with my decision to go with SunState. Like others interested in solar, I received multiple bids for my project. I chose SunState because two of my neighbors went with them and had good things to say about them, and I wanted to support a small, growing company. Glenn is definitely involved in all aspects of the business, and you know who you're talking to when you call SunState, as opposed to Customer Service for a large company. Glenn accommodated my desire to "hide" my system by mounting the panels in the back of my house and running the conduit through the attic. You can't tell from the street that I even have solar, which was esthetically important to me. The information Jeremy provided for applying for the state tax credit was super helpful and easy to follow. One of the large companies that bid my project tried to scare me into believing SunState was a risky choice as a relative newcomer while touting their longevity as a business. But SunState is so well run that I have confident they will be around for many, many years to come. I highly recommend SunState to anyone considering solar.
Solar is a dangerous market when it comes to efficiency, quality, and price point. Some companies will follow through and do a fantastic job, but will charge a lot. Most companies will charge a lot of money as you're playing for two services, the solar company, and a sales company.I shopped around a fair amount, and initially dealt with a different company before settling on SunState.Sunstate is both the solar and sales, which means I'm not spending extra just to fulfill some salesman's vacation bonus.I met with Glenn, found him very competent, knowledgeable, professional, friendly, and to the point. Both he, and Jeremy, have gone out of their way in dealing with my desires to add and subtract elements to my solar, price points, etc. All until we finalized and settled on a final build.SunState is a very solid company, very fair prices, and they keep tabs on solar equipment and upgrades as they come into the market. I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of the panels and array, and the installation process. Everything went silky smooth and in great time, especially considering the heavy flow in the market.They're very punctual, they keep good tabs on everything in lieu of the progress of the project to keep me updated and aware of what is and isn't going on and what I have left to do. If I have any updates to my system, I will be more than happy to call them to expand on it.
Molly BellMolly Bell
17:19 13 Sep 22
I really did my research before choosing SunState Solar for our home. I chose to meet with only local NM companies and only companies that had been given a personal recommendation by someone I knew. Of all the companies I considered, I got the largest number of positive recommendations about SunState.A couple of the other companies I spoke with also seemed professional and capable, but Glenn was the person who had the most knowledgeable, thorough, patient, and down-to-earth approach. I didn't feel pressured by him and I was grateful to have the owner of the company visit my home because I trusted that he was invested in me having a great experience! Also, I appreciated that he took so much time to design a system that really met our specific needs and didn't try to oversell me on something huge (which I did encounter with another salesman). Through the entire process Glenn proactively reached out to check in, answer my questions, and reassure me before I even expressed concerns. Isai, who led the installation was professional and a terrific communicator who gave us regular reports about his progress. Also, the biggest relief came when Jeremy saved us HOURS of work by preparing the vast majority of the NM tax rebate paperwork on our behalf. This was amazing because our life is bananas and I'm not sure I would have gotten around to deciphering and completed the multi-step process on my own!!I'm very pleased by the terrific experience we had with SunState and I would recommend them to anyone who wants to support a local New Mexico business that is working hard to deliver skilled and exceptional service.
Jeramy DickersonJeramy Dickerson
17:02 14 Jul 22
I had SunState Solar install a system on my house about a year and half ago. I waited this long to make sure it all worked great and there was no surprises. There was two small problems soon after the install that were frustrating at the time, but insignificant in the grand scheme of things. The company fixed them super fast and I have had no problems since then. I got what I paid for, great service, great panels, and I am paying hundreds a year less on electricity! Blazing hot sunny days make me happy now! Highly recommend, very much a 5 star company!