Residental solar powered services

Residential Solar Panel Installation Services

Have you had enough with the rate increases from your electric company? Are you ready to gain financial independence and start having affordable and predictable monthly payments? It’s about time you switched to solar and stop throwing money away! With the help of SunState Solar, our professional and experienced team will help you save! Whether it’s designing the best layout to gain maximum efficiency or sending out our expert installation team to your home to get started! Not only will you start saving money fast, but you’ll also be joining others in an effort to reduce the world’s carbon footprint and create a more eco-friendly environment for all! If you’re ready to start the process of obtaining a solar powered system for your home, give us a call today!

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Commercial Solar Panel Installation Services

As a business owner you know how costly it can be to operate a commercial business! Between the cost of the property to paying payroll and ensuring inventory is up-to-date, the expenses start to add up! One of the last things you should be worried about is how you’ll pay for your electric bill! With constant rate increases from your electric company, trying to budget for all your expenses can become troublesome! If you’re ready to start having predictable monthly payments, increase your bottom line, and gain energy independence, it’s time your commercial business switched to solar! With a return on investment and reduced energy costs, you’ll love the benefits a solar powered system can provide! Increase your property value, profits, and more by calling SunState Solar to provide your company with an eco-friendly, energy-efficient solution!

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Commercial solar powered services
Solar panel maintainence

Solar Panel Maintenance Services

At SunState Solar, we strive to always have 100% satisfaction from our customers! This means that even after the sale has been finalized, we’ll still be there to help you maintain your system! From follow-ups on how your solar powered system is running to sending our professional, experienced, and friendly installation crew members to your home or business for diagnostics and more, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that SunState Solar is on your side! The key to ensuring your solar powered system works for many years to come and maintains maximum efficiency is to have routine and regular maintenance on your system! This will help to reduce the risk for any major repairs down the line and to also keep your energy costs down. With SunState Solar, you get more than just solar power system installers, you can also rest easy knowing we’ll handle all of your maintenance needs too!

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Solar Panel Financing Options

Have you considered switching to solar but thought it was out of your price range? Think again! Solar is more affordable now than ever! With our financing options and solar tax credits, you can gain energy independence with low, monthly locked-in rate payments! If you are looking to reduce your electric costs and also see a return on investment, solar powered energy solutions are the way to go! To learn more about our financing options, schedule your free consultation today! We look forward to showing you all the financial packages we can offer!

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We offer financing!
Solar powered energy is efficient!

Energy Efficiency with Solar Panel Installation

Did you know that the sun provides one of the most powerful natural resources? With essentially infinite power that is not only sustainable, but also eco-friendly, you’ll be able to see the many benefits that solar can provide to increase your energy efficiency! Some of the major benefits of having an energy efficiency solution like solar is reduced or nonexistent electric bills, increased property value, reduction of carbon footprint, a return on investment, protection from rising energy costs, and so much more! Don’t wait to have energy efficiency for your home or business! Call SunState Solar today!

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