A residential solar systems tech installing panels on a home.

Residential Solar Systems | Solar Panel Installation & Services

As a homeowner, you already have enough monthly expenses. From mortgages, insurance, maintenance and more, the last thing you should concern yourself with is your ever growing electric bill! With constant rate increases, it can be hard to create a monthly expense budget when your energy bill is rising at an alarming and unexpected rate! It’s time you gained financial independence and took matters into your own hands. Say goodbye to electric companies taking advantage of you and gaining income off of your hard-earned money!

If you’re paying large amounts of money each month on your electric bill, there is a solution—solar powered energy! With the help of SunState Solar, your trusted smart home solution, you’ll no longer have to worry about throwing away your income on mounting electric bills! Our solar experts will map out your home and design a system that gives you the energy independence you’re looking for at maximum efficiency. Let’s reduce the world’s carbon footprint together with an eco-friendly solution that will save you money. Get started, and go solar today by giving us a call today!