SunState Solar Referral Program


*Promotional $250 gift cards will be paid out upon completed installation of qualified systems.

Refer a customer, get $250!

Share the good news about SunState Solar with friends and family. Just fill out the form on this page, and we’ll give them a call and see if they’re open to learning about solar for their own home or business.

If they purchase a SunState Solar Home Energy System, we’ll happily send you a Visa gift card for $250. There’s no limit to how much you can make. How’s that for a win/win?

Special added incentive. For every qualified homeowner that you refer, we will give you a $20 gift card to the local business of your choice. *A qualified homeowner is someone who owns there home and completes a free solar analysis with SunState. No obligation to purchase.

On top of getting a sweet bonus for the referral, your friend or family member gets all the benefits of switching to solar like saving money, becoming energy independent, adding value to their home and doing good for the environment. Who wouldn’t want all of that?