Unexpected Ways Solar Photovoltaic Power Can Give You Better Hair

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Solar photovoltaic power is here, and it’s saving our hair.

Yes, you did just read what you thought you read. Little did you know, acting responsibly towards our environment is the responsible decision when it comes to hair care.

So, how on earth does solar help our hair? Read on to learn more.

You Stress and Your Hair Recedes

Yes, we’re linking stress with conventional power delivery methods, and we’ll we don’t think we’re wrong.

Studies have shown that stress and hair loss are related.

You can experience several specific kinds of hair loss when you’re too stressed.

First, you might get Telogen Effluvium

When you suffer from telogen effluvium, the stress that you carry in your body tells your hair follicles to take the day off. When they go to sleep, your scalp doesn’t produce as much hair, and that’s curtains for your gorgeous locks. After several months of prolonged stress, your hair may give up the ghost and fall out entirely – leaving you bald.

Until you take a long enough vacation or you don’t have to worry about your energy bill that is.

Second, You Could Have Trichotillomania

This disorder is an obsessive compulsion often developed under times of intense stress. The victim uncontrollably pulls hair from their head as a way to release pent up energy and stress. In addition to stress, this compulsion can develop when you’re experiencing loneliness, boredom, and frustration in general.

Ever wanted to pull out your hair over a ridiculous power bill? You may want to begin considering solar.

Finally, Watch Out for Alopecia Areata

Alopecia may be the most well known out of these three ailments, and, in addition to its other triggers, alopecia is triggered by excessive stress and negative emotion. When your stress is so severe that it triggers alopecia, your immune system will attack your follicles.

While the sole cause of hair loss isn’t stressing, stress can be a significant factor. Imagine the weight solar energy would take off of your shoulders.

Additionally, we advise anyone noticing sudden hair loss to reach out to their doctor before considering switching to solar. While not having an energy bill is nice and stress-reducing, a sudden loss of hair can signal underlying conditions. If you begin noticing significant hair loss, please contact your doctor before you contact us.

What’s That? Spend the Money You Save on Solar to Care for Your Scalp!

It’s true; solar power has a considerable setup cost. That’s because it’s the tech of the future. Photovoltaic solar power is generated by siphoning electricity created by wafers of silicon baked by the rays of the sun.

The advances in solar photovoltaic power plants are astounding (you can learn more about how solar works here).

What’s not to like about that?

Well, if you’re always worried about electricity bills that eat into your vacation or retirement funds the solar power may be for you. Investing in solar, even partially, is almost the same as finally paying off a massive debt. You’ll suddenly have fifty to one hundred dollars more a month to save.

Or, you could spend that money on better scalp care, so you look terrific on vacation. Scalp care is important for the growth of healthy hair, and it’s one of the ones most commonly overlooked – primarily because of cost.

Invest in good cleansers and moisturizers that you can use to scrub and purify the skin on your head. Most of the time, we don’t allow our scalp to breathe, causing early hair loss.

Fight dandruff and clogged pores – go solar.

Using Solar Photovoltaic Power for Hair Care

Not only is solar renewable, but it’s also much more guilt-free than coal and oil. So, if you’re outdoorsy and want to continue that tradition, then you may be skimping on hair care to save on electricity.

Let’s look at a typical hair care routine and at how much energy that routine uses.

Starting With a Cleanse

When you clean your hair, you’re prepping the individual strands to be re-filled and rejuvenated with moisturizer, conditioners, and other products.

This process also helps remove dead skin cells that can build up quickly. Our skin renews itself every month, so going for extended periods without showering can have dramatic consequences.

Cleansing usually consists of showering and shampooing.

The average shower uses 22 kilowatts of power and costs around 50 cents. That’s the equivalent of running 1000 light bulbs for the same amount of time.

Conditioning to Rejuvenate

Conditioners are used to putting new nutrients back into your hair. When hair is wet, your conditioner will automatically soak into the strands, bringing your frizzy, untamed locks back into a manageable state.

Even though the conditioner won’t cost electricity to use, it does take electricity to create. Be sure to spend on brands that use renewable resources like energy generated by solar photovoltaic power plants.

Moisturizing and Sealing to Protect and Tame

Occasionally, you’ll want to moisturize and seal your hair if it’s dry and frizzy. Use a hydrating product and sealing oil once you leave the shower.

Again, always go for the product that was produced sustainably to have the most electricity savin impact.

Styling and Flaunting Your Gorgeous Locks

This step is important and one of the most costly. By blowdrying, curling, flat ironing, gelling or volumizing, you can achieve any style you like.

Unfortunately, a blowdryer alone will use around 156 watts in 5 minutes. That means that every 5 minutes you spend blowdrying your hair, you’re using enough electricity to power 71 lightbulbs for the same amount of time. Blow drying usually costs between 10-50 cents per session.

If you add up this entire cost, you’ll be diverting nearly 2,356 Watts of energy away from wasteful power generators and into a responsible, renewable alternative. What’s more, if you use solar for only hair care for just one month, you’ll experience a savings of close to $30 that can go to a good night out or directly into your savings.

Every penny counts.

Solar Photovoltaic Power Saves Your Wallet and Your Hair

Solar saves follicles and your wallet. Kind of the perfect one-two punch if you ask us.

To us, solar isn’t just the most revolutionary energy generating solution. It’s also the most promising solution that we have to improve our everyday lives.

If you would like to know more about getting solar photovoltaic power, we’ve got you covered. Head over to our residential information page to learn more.