How Many Solar Panels Does My House Need?

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There’s a reason why the solar panel installation market is worth an estimated $15 billion. More people than ever are realizing the benefits of the residential and commercial solar industry. Whether you care about the environment or just want to save money on your energy bill, there’s never been a better time to get a solar system.

However, the first step to solar energy requires knowing how many panels your home or business needs. So how do you calculate this number? By reading this article! Let’s get started figuring out how many panels fit your needs.

Factors That Affect the Number of Solar Panels Needed

There is no one set answer when it comes to how many solar panels you need. Factors like the size of your home, the amount of sunlight your get, the appliances you use, and your solar goals all determine how many you need. In this section, we’ll explain how this consideration can affect the number of solar panels you need.


The amount of sunlight your solar panels receive in the day is an important consideration when calculating solar panels. Remember that solar systems rely on stored energy to make up for the power lost at night.

As such, any time the panels are in the shade is wasted energy. A wide-open spot that receives sunlight throughout the day is ideal. However, not everyone has access to these conditions. If you aren’t sure, then make sure to contact a professional solar installer. They’ll be able to give you advice about the best area on your property to set up the panels.

Size of Home

It’s simple math: the larger your home, the more power you use. As such, people with larger areas of the property will need more solar panels. Here are some of the average power usages for certain types of homes:

  • A 1500 square foot uses around 633 kWh
  • A 2000 square foot uses around 967 kWh
  • A 2500 square foot uses around 1023 kWh
  • A 3000 square foot uses around 1185 kWh

This should give you a good estimate on how much power your home size needs. However, keep in mind that these are just estimates. As we will see, the types of appliances that you need to power will also affect the number of panels you need.


The types of appliances that you’re powering with your solar energy will also determine how many panels you’ll need. For example, if you’re using solar energy to heat a pool, then you will require quite a few panels.

However, if you’re only using it for kitchen appliances and lights, then you won’t need as many. If you want to optimize power usage in your home, then consider investing in Energy Star products. These are home appliances approved by the EPA to use less energy. Owning these products means you’ll need fewer solar panels.

Your Solar Energy Goals

The final factor refers to how much of your home energy you want to be produced by solar energy. Most people offset their traditional energy bills by the percentage of solar energy their panels produce.

This can be as high as 90%, or as low as 20%. However, remember that the higher percentage, the quicker the system will pay for itself. Also keep in mind that if you want 100% solar energy, then you will need to install more panels than you need. This is for overcast days or periods without much sunlight.

How to Calculate the Number of Solar Panels

The first thing you need when determining the number of solar panels for your home is your electricity bill. Gather up all the bills from the past twelve months. These bills should give your home power usage in the form of kWh. Once you do this, you can figure out how much power you use in a day by dividing one bill by thirty.

Let’s say your home needs 40 kWh of energy per day. Next, you need to find out your home’s peak sunlight hours. These are the hours that your solar panels will be exposed to sunlight. Let’s say you get four hours of direct sunlight. A 310-watt solar panel would produce roughly 1.25 kWh of energy per day.

After this, it’s time to decide what percentage of solar power you want your home to have. In other words, how much do you want to offset your home’s traditional energy bill? Let’s say you want to offset this bill with 70% solar power. You would multiply your daily power bill of 40 kWh by 0.7. So, you would need 28 kWh from your solar panels to meet this goal.

After that, you’re ready to find out how many solar panels you’d need. In the example above, each panel produces roughly 1.25 kWh. So, you would need at least twenty-three panels to provide 70% solar power.

However, remember at the end of the day that this is an estimate. To get a closer figure, we recommend calling a professional that specializes in residential solar systems. They’ll be able to further assess your needs.

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We hope this article helped you learn how many solar panels you need for your home. As you can see, it’s not too hard to figure out how many panels you need. The deeper question is how much you want to rely on solar energy. If you’re interested in solar panels, then your next step is to find a supplier that you can trust.

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