Buying a Home? You Might Need a Solar Panel Inspection

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solar panel inspection

Did you know that there’s now enough solar panels in the United States to power sixteen million homes? With such a large amount of panels out there it increases the likelihood that you may one day purchase a house with a working solar system. At first glance, this might seem like great news. After all, who doesn’t want to save … Read More

Unexpected Ways Solar Photovoltaic Power Can Give You Better Hair

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photovatic chargers better hair

Solar photovoltaic power is here, and it’s saving our hair. Yes, you did just read what you thought you read. Little did you know, acting responsibly towards our environment is the responsible decision when it comes to hair care. So, how on earth does solar help our hair? Read on to learn more. You Stress and Your Hair Recedes Yes, … Read More

Bugs Bunny’s 5 Reasons Why Albuquerque Is the Best for Solar Energy

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After a long, hot Albuquerque summer, if you’re brave, you’ll take a look at your overall energy consumption. It’s not only the AC that bumps your energy bills up – it’s the array of devices, electronics, and small appliances most people use every day in their home. And we’ve all spent considerably more hours at home over the last several … Read More

Solar Panel Patio Covers: Save Money and Your Marriage With These 7 Tips

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solar panel patio covers

You’re involved in many more relationships than only your marriage. One significant relationship you and your family have is the one with your utility provider. It appears as a healthy relationship. After all, you pay them to give you the energy you need to go about your daily business. But is this relationship healthy? Does your utility provider really care … Read More

EV Solar Chargers Are Sexy: 7 Reasons to Do It

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solar chargers

Did you know that solar power installations in the United States doubled over the past years? This showcases how more people are turning to environment-friendly energy sources. Regardless of how you use solar chargers, know that it’s a better source of energy. That’s why when you pair it with an electric vehicle, you’ll benefit the most when you use solar … Read More

When Solar Companies Send You Running for Cover

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solar companies send you running for cover

The idea behind solar energy is pure. Companies want our society to rely less on grid energy and become more self-sufficient. But like most pure ideologies, charlatans can exploit the idea for their gain. If you’re considering switching to solar energy, you have the right idea. But make sure you’re not deceived by some thief pretending to care about renewable … Read More

5 Things Spock Would Say About Going Solar

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Spock talks solar power

Though solar paneling may look super futuristic, this form of sustainable energy continues to power more and more homes across the country. The sun currently powers over 12 million homes but holds the capacity to deliver energy to every home around the world! Just because we can rely on the sun for energy, should we consider going solar? Let’s see … Read More

The Hunger Games Guide to Solar Companies

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hunger games guide to solar companies

When Katniss Everdeen offered herself as tribute, she knew she would face the challenge of her life, a challenge that would test everything from trust to perseverance. As a homeowner, you also face your own fair share of challenges. These challenges test your finances, security, and trust in home energy providers. Choosing the right solar power provider is one of … Read More

7 Ways Your Mother Lied to You About Solar Panels

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Mom Lied About Solar Energy

Some of the biggest expenses you’ll have as a homeowner are your monthly utility bills. The average American spends more than $104 each month on electricity alone. That’s more than $1,200 a year! Installing solar panels is one of the best ways to lower your monthly utility expenses permanently. However, there are a few pervasive solar panel myths that keep … Read More

Five Facts About Solar Energy

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Facts About Solar Energy

So, you’re interested in solar energy for your home? You must be, or you wouldn’t be reading this blog, right? We understand your interest. There is a LOT to like about solar power, especially when it comes to providing energy for your home. However, we also that making the decision to go solar can be difficult without all the facts. You’ve … Read More